Castlemaine and Maldon


Castlemaine began as the centre of the Mount Alexander goldfields in the 1850's during the peak of the gold rush and was at one point larger than Melbourne City. Castlemaine is situated approximately 44kms north west of Kyneton via the Calder Fwy (M079).

Most of the gold found at Castlemaine was close to the surface making it easy for miners with little resources to obtain unlike the gold found in Bendigo and Ballarat which was mainly reef gold and required a great deal of capital to set up mines.

One of the main heritage buildings is the Theatre Royal which has been operating since 1858 and is the oldest continuously operating theatre in Australia. The Old Castlemaine Gaol was built in 1861 and operated until 1990 when it closed down and the prisoners transferred to HM Prison Loddon.

The Victorian Goldfields Railways runs from Castlemaine to Maldon via steam train and takes you through the picturesque Box-Iron Bark forest.

Castlemaine is now known for it's beautiful wineries, art galleries, industries and country charm and is definitely worth a look if travelling through the region.

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Maldon is located 135kms north west of Melbourne city and is approximately 55kms from Kyneton via the Calder Freeway and Pyrenees Highway in the heart of the Victoria Goldfields.

The town is known for its reputation as a picturesque historical town which was settled in the early 1800s during the gold rush period. Maldon had one of the richest quartz deposits with alluvial gold being discovered at the base of Mr. Tarrangower near the township. The township thrived during this period and at various times recorded the highest gold returns in the state. However, as the gold deposit declined so did the township and the last large mine was closed in 1926. Maldon has clung to it's heritage and many of its buildings have been listed under the National Trust. The township was awarded the "most intact heritage streetscape " by the National Trust in 2006.

People are drawn to Maldon not only because of its 19th century charm but because of the dramatic remnants of its reef mining days and the beauty of its surrounding country. 

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